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Arizona Mothers Memorial

Mothers Memorial began under the direction of the very first Ladies Auxiliary president, Sister Mary Cole, who in 1956 created the Mothers Memorial fund-raising drive. That first offering totaled $4,930.63.

With the 2013 Mother Memorial offering totaling $2,277,275.39, Mothers Memorial continues to be a tremendous blessing to the ministries and programs that are supported by this giving!!

Mothers Memorial supports…

Tupelo Children’s Mansion

Tupelo Children’s mansion provides a family unit and special services for children from dysfunctional families. The children are given the opportunity to grow spiritually, intellectually, physically, and emotionally.

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New Beginnings

New Beginnings is aggressively “Promoting life and ‘new beginnings’ for birthmothers, children and adoptive families through adoption.” Beginnings offers free maternity care services to birthmothers who are considering adoption and child placement services for adoptive couples and children.

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Lighthouse Ranch for Boys

The Lighthouse Ranch for Boys is a residential care ministry designed to heal the broken and hurting lives of young men. Healing is accomplished by the Word of God ministered in the spirit of love and care.

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World Network of Prayer

The World Network of Prayer is the hub for receiving prayer needs among our fellowship, and is an instrument to focused prayer. It serves as the link between the local congregation and the worldwide work of God.

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Spirit of Freedom

Spirit of Freedom is a ministry for those affected by alcoholism and drugs. This Christ-centered program brings support, new hope and direction to the chemically dependent.

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My Hope Radio

My Hope Radio broadcast communicates the Word of God via airwaves in the United States, Canada, and many foreign countries.

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Division of Education

The UPCI Division of Education preserves and promotes the Apostolic doctrine in schools, colleges, and chaplaincies, and seminars for educators and administrators who serve in the United Pentecostal Church endorsed Bible colleges.

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Global Missions

Missionaries receive appliances, Christmas and birthday checks. We also support vernacular radio broadcasts and foreign bible school students. All requests for support are through Global Missions.

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Home Missions Division

The UPCI Home Missions Division is provided Home Bible study courses and tracts. Tracts and other materials are available for prison inmates. An emergency fund is set aside for unexpected needs of qualifying home missionaries. All requests for support are through Home Missions Division.

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Urshan Graduate School of Theology

The Urshan Graduate School provides training, development, advanced studies, and a research center for men and women of the apostolic faith world-wide to further them for Christian service. We serve the UPCI and the apostolic movement by providing training and individual leadership development for preachers, teacher, pastors, missionaries, chaplains, and various specialized ministries.

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