What an honor to be called His people, to be called by His name. We are a chosen people, a covenant people, people with a promise. If we will do our part, pray and seek His face, He has promised to do His part. There have been numerous times in my life that I have called out to Him in desperate times and situations, and He has always been there and right on time. I am thankful to be called one of His children.


I am the youngest of twelve children, and there was never a dull moment in our home. Yet in this chaotic atmosphere my precious mother found time to enter her prayer closet. Several times as a young girl, I barged through her closed bedroom door and would find her kneeling beside her bed, her open Bible beside her. Mom’s motto throughout her life was not to dwell on your problems but put your trust in God. He could do anything. Her motto became my motto and I have instilled this into my children who are now adults.


Psalm 55:16 says, “As for me, I will call upon God; and the LORD shall save me.” After service one night in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, I was standing by the driver’s side door of our van with a young lady. It was very dark, no street lights, nothing. Suddenly, we heard the roar of a car coming towards us at a fast rate of speed. There was no time to run for safety. This car hit the rear end of our van and began to slide towards us. Without hesitation we cried out, “Jesus,” she is Spanish and me in English. As we said “Jesus,” we were lifted gently backwards to safety by an unseen hand. The car stopped in the spot where we had been standing. The car’s driver was the husband of one of our ladies, and he was very drunk. Instead of pressing on the brake pedal as he neared us, he pressed on the gas pedal. The next day he appeared at the church, sober and repentant. He received the gift of the Holy Ghost and was baptized in Jesus’ name.


As a missionary wife I have seen God perform countless miracles when His people pray. He is willing to do His part for His people. Now we just have to do our part and pray. Corrie Ten Boom said it so well, “Don’t pray when you feel like it. Have an appointment with the Lord and keep it.”


Note: Vonda and John Guidry have served as missionaries for twenty-three years to Mexico, Spain and Colombia. They have started two churches overseas, taught in Bible schools and are stay very active teaching seminars throughout Colombia. They are the proud parents of a son, Phillip (22), a daughter, Amanda (22) who is married to Kale, and grandparents to three awesome puppies, Yoda, P.J. and Vader.



From the Ladies Prayer International Newsletter

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